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Where Are the Women Architects?

Architecture is a male-dominated profession. Prestigious awards such as the Pritzker Architecture Prize rarely go to women, and women architects don't often receive headline-grabbing commissions like the World Trade Center buildings. Where are the women?

This page is your starting place for exploring the role of women in architecture. You'll find links to information about famous women architects and facts about the contributions of women you may not have heard of. Want more? Stop by our Forum to discuss women in architecture.

  • Forgotten Women Designers

    While men built skyscrapers and monuments, some of our most intimate buildings - the homes we live in - have been shaped by women. In 19th century America, it wasn't unusual for women to design and publish building plans for their homes and barns.
  • Great Women Architects

    Despite the obstacles, some women have established highly successful careers in architecture and related professions. The women listed here are just a few who have won important awards and designed landmark buildings.
  • Architecture and Sex

    Yes, of course, some architects are male and some are female. But what of the buildings? Are some buildings "male" and others "female"? And does the gender of the architect affect the "gender" of the building? This photo essay explores these questions from several perspectives.
  • Architecture Organizations for Women

    Many excellent organizations are working to improve the status of women in the field of architecture. Explore these links to find organizations and resources in your own geographic area.
  • Discuss: Why Aren't There More Women Architects?

    Readers in our Discussion Forum are debating. Are women held back by family pressures? Are males in the profession keeping women out? Or, are women simply "not interested"? What do you think?

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